One app, two Shoutcast streams

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Just rediscovered the Andromo service and I'm more than happy that it now supports Shoutcast streaming.

However I have tried to add two different streams to my app, and while the editor allows me to add the Shoutcast service twice and enter different streaming links, the rendered app will play the same PLS / streaming link in both Shoutcast instances (apparently the app will then use the streaming link which I entered first under Activities)!

This looks like a bug to me, or is there a way to force the two Shoutcast streams to correctly display different streams?


  • You can use a m3u file to do this!

    Just open notepad and copy/paste the code below:

    Title1= Title
    Title2= Title

    Save the m3u file on your webserver and go to Create new shoutcast activity. Use the shoutcast playlist option and fill in the address of the m3u file. 
  • Thanks Ramirez! Will try this tomorrow at the office where I have an Android device.

    What's the output of your method though - will this generate two stream options inside one Activity?

    Right now I have two different activities, and thus two items in the dropdown menu, each of them is supposed to be a seperate radio station.
  • Never mind, I asked Andromo support and they responded that it does in fact work well.

    What happens when creating two different Shoutcast pages is that when switching from one to the other, the player below keeps playing the original shoutcast link. There is a PLAY button which I overlooked (towards the top of the window) which will switch to the other stream.

    So this one's solved...
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