Was the expiration issue fixed?

In a few days I will renew my monthly subscription again.

Every time I renew my subscription, the next day my subscription appears as expired and the monetization is disabled immediately.

This always makes me lose 2 or 3 days of monetization.

Was the issue fixed? Or did you guys at least add a delay of 2 or 3 days before disabling the ads?

I mean, seriously. It can't happen anymore.


  • Will anyone answer that?

    Is it fixed or not?

  • landore

    It will be renewed automatically. Please make sure that your card has enough funds on it.

  • My card has about 8 times the amount needed, as it did all the other times. And yet it did not renew automatically the other times

    But that is not even the main problem. The problem is if I renew it manually for 1 month, the renewal will expire within a few hours.

    I mean, that is a serious problem and it should be fixed.

    And also there should be a delay before stopping the damn ads.

    I mean, why are you guys making it such a big problem?

    God forbid someone ends up having 2 days of monetization without paying, right?

  • @RomanJuly This lack of a proper answer means that the problem wasn't fixed nor the delay before stopping the ads applied, right?

    I mean, you basically just ignored my question and gave me a generic answer.

    Isn't this issue serious enough to be properly addressed?

  • edited September 2020

    @RomanJuly Why are my questions beign ignored?

    I just renewed my monthly subscription manually, let's hope the same problem doesn't happen again.

    As you said @RomanJuly "It will be renewed automatically. Please make sure that your card has enough funds on it."

    Well, it didn't happen. And it wans't for lack of funds since I just made the payment with the same credit card a few minutes after it expired, so I'm sorry but your answer was useless as I expected.

    Let's see what is going to happen.

  • landore

    You have been answered at the support already. This issue will be fixed soon.

  • @RomanJuly The only answer given is "this issue will be fixed soon". That is all you say here, and all they say in the emails since the first time this happened. And I'm sorry but this kind of answer doesn't help at all.

    The thing is, this is the third time this happened, and this time I tried to get help before it happened to avoid losing monetization but I was just ignored. And as expected it happened again.

    Can you, or anyone else provide clarification on what is being done to fix this? Or what "soon" means? Because it's been like 3 months.

    Or should I just bend over and expect the same thing to happen every month?

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