My 2 cents why andromo needs a splash screen

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I must say, "hats" go to andromo for the hard work they put into their project, but not "hats off" yet, Because there are still very nice mobile website makers out there. I believe there is a bridge between andromo and other mobile website makers. (I am aware the two are different). The bridge is that the mobile web makers will allow you to have a splash screen, and andromo will not.

I believe that the background chooser, inside of the "app builder" is difficult for users to figure out. Just because some users are really good at it, does not mean that all of us will understand it. The only thing that I dislike about andromo is that, after the app is built, the icon looks so perfect and so great, but then the user clicks it, and it's always 4 squares, or 6 squares (icons) with a 2 color or 1 color background image. 

Even with the background being a sort of wallpaper, I still feel left out being a paying customer because of those dark icon placements on the home screen. I think In the andromo builder we can organize it with (number codes?) but for me, personally, that is far to advanced, or difficult. I came across an amazing and friendly company called "firefly". They allow you to build an HTML5 Mobile website with ease. The user friendly features that this company has will blow your mind away. You can easily customize your own "links", that I love. Meaning this...

When the user clicks on your "bookmark" or "app icon" if you will, It can open up with a splash screen, then ---> onto your own Photo Shopped Mobile Menu. That right there blows andromo out of the water, because first impression to us newbies and our newbie clients means the world. I must give andromo the credit for being there for us and making amazing native android apps for us. That is something just huge. But I was just explaining my "Darn, i wish they had that" thought that I have every night before I go to sleep. If andromo had some sort of better customizable menu, and splash screen, Then I would be in business. Not only for our part of the money, but for the "users" fun as well. I do believe we all should just have fun here on andromo to. Thanks andromo team.

James - Red Sky Division App Dev Team


  • Sorry , the other mobile HTML5 company name is Fiddle Fly. Google it or click here
    These guys are amazing. I don't work for them or anything. They just amazed me. 

    I am going to go develop on Fiddle Fly right now. I just wish andromo would let the "icon" do a launch to a html5 mobile website. Instead of opening our andromo app and the "clicking" website....... It is "such" a big deal guys. From a design point of view, and a users.
  • PERFECT EXAMPLE. I JUST MADE AN APP. in the first screen shot, the icon to "cj" looks excellent. Then I open it up, expecting my wallpaper to look nice and WAM!!!! looks like shit.  Now I can fix this , after playing around with andromo for 1 more hour. But WHYYYYYYYYYYY! when you can eliminate this problem!!!!  as explained above. 
  • And we have shit!!!!
  • It looks terrible. Icons are dumpy. background is dumpy. God Help us
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    1. We're working on new dashboard settings that are easier to understand and give you far more customization -- see for previews.
    2. The current dashboard settings could be better (that's why we're changing them), but you can still make some pretty nice looking apps with the current system.
    3. Splash screens are generally discouraged on Android unless your app takes a long time to launch and you need to make the launch seem more responsive; otherwise showing a splash screen just wastes battery and slows the app launch down. You really only see it them in scripted apps that use some third-party technology, or in games that have a lot of procedural calculations to do on startup.
    4. The Android activity life cycle makes splash screens largely useless. Most of the time when you "launch" an app you're just bringing it back to the front, which internally is the same thing as jumping from one activity to another. Most of the times you launch an app, a splash screen wouldn't even be shown.
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    My apps, and I don't think they look terrible.


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