Check your Splash Screens settings

Dear developers!

As a result of a technical failure, Splash screens have been deactivated. We ask you to check your apps and turn splash back on to those apps which have them disabled. No need to rebuild apps. We are sorry for the inconvenience.


Thank you, ADIL for your vigilance!


  • @RomanJuly

    Thank you all for your quick response and repair of the defect that occurred in the splash screens.


  • How to add splash screen now? Is it available for newly build application ?

  • PranjalBorah

    Just go to your Monetization settings and set a splash screen back

  • No such option found. Can you pl upadate me with a screenshot.

  • RagaLAB

    It is available for Ultra users

  • Hey Roman, for the custom splash screen, why is the x,y setting in pixels, not percent? There are so many different screen sizes, a fixed dimension doesn't make sense.

  • Website activity is not working properly in V3 builder apps, When the user goes to the website activity and presses the back button, the activity stops. This is a very serious problem. I am repeatedly urging you to fix it, but no response is coming from Andromo, I am very upset because my users are decreasing very fast. If you do not fix it, then I will be forced to leave this platform.

  • i had same issue today.

  • Dr.Vikram, KizeeTech

    Please, send info with more details (app package name, activity name) to

  • Hello,

    There was a payment that was made without my permission, I stopped using andromo almost a year ago, I want a full refund and my account closed.

    I have contacted the support team they said that they will send my request to the financial team. But I have not received any answer from anyone.


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