Discount that goes on forever

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Boy I feel like a moron, I just the gun moths ago because there was limited time special for yearly Andromo, but it seems that limited time might be to the end of time.

Seriously I wonder how many people jumped on the special because it was ending in August.... ?


  • I truly am dense, I can not find the edit post button to fix months..... :(
  • Don't feel like a moron! The previous special offer was extended twice; first to Aug 31, and then to Sept 30. The current special offer has been running since the beginning of October.

    The price for an annual subscription went from $50 (a special thank-you rate just for early adopters), to $99, and is currently $129. I don't know exactly when the current promotion will end, but it is only promised to continue to the end of the month.

    An Andromo subscription stays at the same price for as long as you keep it going -- if you paid $99, it will still be $99 next year even if the price goes up, unless you cancel -- so it makes sense to take advantage of these special rates while you can.

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