Google Play Merchant Account

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Does anyone know if it is possible to change the merchant account associated with the developer account on Google Play? For some unfathomable reason, my merchant account has been closed down by Google when I had only had it open a couple of days with minimal transactions. My developer account is still active and people can still buy my apps but I will not receive payment as the merchant account is closed. Is it possible to link the developer account to a different merchant account?


  • I think they should not be able to buy your apps anymore, or is Google CHEATING again, as they do with Adsense?
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    Sure . well it is all connected by email so if your dev acct is the same as your merchant acct, your ***.

    if not, your good. email support .
  • should be in the settings. just make a new one quick....... start over fast... google expects you to be perfect, meaning no need to make changes n shit
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