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utilising a map on App

Hi, I have an idea for an App and I need to be able to have a button that connects to the map showing a location with a direction to it from wherever they are, this is possible now on Andromo, BUT I would like the map feature to automatically update the App whenever I change a location, is this possible? If not is there a way around it to allow such a feature. thanks


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    Updating the list of locations remotely is not currently possible with the Map activity. We have talked about adding support for Geo-RSS to the Map activity in the future, which would let you change the locations and descriptions on a map at your end (by changing the feed) without republishing the app, but I don't know if/when that functionality will be added.

    Right now, there are still a couple options available to you:
    • Update your app: when you change a location, rebuild your app, and upload the new build to the market. The Android Market automatically sends out push notifications to everyone running your app, prompting them to update to the newer version. Of course, there's no guarantee the users will update, but if they're actively using your app they most likely will.

    • Use the Google Maps API and do it in HTML: create your own web-driven map, and host it in one of our HTML or Web activities. You would need to obtain a Google Maps API key and create a web page with an embedded map that gets the locations from a Geo-RSS feed or some kind of web-hosted service to provide the locations, etc. (This is a much more difficult option, but it is possible.)
  • Hello,
    +1 to this feature suggestion
    Using the user-map functionality (linking to a public map hosted on Google) would be great.
    I may try your suggestion of using the Google Maps API and do it in HTML, would you then provide some code example ?
    Thank you
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