Adding an Easy Share Action

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Any idea or plan for that feature?

Thanks Rene


  • Please elaborate. What do you mean by "easy share action?"

    There are share actions in several of the Andromo activity types already.
  • I think there should be an activity called "Share this App" and in that activity we are are allowed to configure sharing via Facebook, Twitter, Email, Google+ and any others that you may want to add in.

    What it does is it sends an FB, Twitter, etc. post that provides a link to your app's Play Store page. This way, our happy users can share our apps with their friends. It would help if we could customize the message we want to be shared or tweeted.
  • Hi!

    Yes, that would be a MASSIVE bonus. It's hard enough to advertise/promote apps, and this function would make it a lot easier for users to share the app, if they like it.
  • I would also appreciate this feature!
  • That is a really good suggestion. You could sort of achieve this currently using the About activity, or a Custom Page activity, using links, e.g. it's pretty easy to use Twitter intents for this.

    But it might be nice to have a dedicated activity that uses nice icons and sets it all up for you.

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