Hi good morning to everybody

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Hi good morning to everybody



  • Good Morning Satyaraju :)
  • Hi Please help me
     I am new to apps and i am creating one app.I have added the activities of ebook,youtube,twitter,facebook and website But i am unable to add plr articles zip got from nicherevolution.com. when i am uploading andromo accepting and added to activities.But mail received from andromo says failed.pl advise in detail how to add articals zip to html activity or other activity.My object is to add articals to my app.advise

  • If for example your .zip file (when opened) has an index page (usually called index.html) then you need to enter (in full) the name of this file in the box on the activity page where it asks for HTML Index page.

    To find out what your HTML index page is - open the zip file (extract) on your PC and whatever file you have to double click on for it to open and actually use the pages - thats the file you have to enter the name of before pressing Save when editing your activity.

    It's not easy to explain now ive tried - hope that helps - if not tell me, i'll try and help some more.
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