advanced monetization budget

hi there,

i want to ask about Impressions budget, for my subscription I chose not to activate advanced monetization

and then on my dashboard i found $-90.86 budget left...

should I pay for it even though from the start I chose not to activate the advanced monetization?

thanks for the replay


  • and now i got $-110...

  • This happen to me also please @RomanJuly ,can you explain this?

    Thank You

  • DwellCorp

    No, you don't have to pay if you didn't use it. That will be fixed. Sorry for confusion.

  • thanks for the reply @RomanJuly

  • edited December 2020

    I paid 10 usd for impressions and that was it, now I am suppose to pay 26 usd if I want to reuse it again. I think that is unfair, that is not suppose to happen. If I pay 10 USD that should stop there after run out of budget not generate other cost. Hope you consider that, at this point I don´t want to refill again with that kind of management. You should refill and forget, not being worried of this sort of charges. I did not notice any significant difference on my earnings adding 30 second gap time on interstitial with splash screen. I thought (only buy 10 usd to refill budget) to give it a try again with bigger interstitial gap, but now out of the question....

  • RikkiBlakk

    You issue has been fixed and you have been answered at the support.

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