Violation of Repetitive Content policy + Andromo?

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Hello, How are you doing? 👋

I was asking my friend about the reason for deleting one of his apps from the store, and the reason as he told me that the app is a duplicate,

 My friend works on an Android studio, but he used one of the sources twice and made two wallpapers apps. The first is a wallpapers app for nature and the second app for car wallpapers,

Google has deleted all of the two apps and the reason is the redundancy, which is unfortunate and painful in any case ..

I have some questions: ✌

1- Do you initially have any experience with this policy, and is there a solution to avoid it?

2- Does using the Duplicate project feature next to every Andromo app also violate Google's policy?

3- If you make two wallpapers applications on Andromo, for example, the first is natural wallpapers and the second is car wallpapers, just as my friend did with Android Studio, also different?


Google Play message:


Duplicate project feature that I talked about:


Sorry my English is not good 😁

thank you 🙏

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