Mischarging my credit card

Mr. Andromo, I must denounce by this means, that in the month of November, I made the payment of the Pro Plan corresponding to the BLACK FRIDAY, where I paid 261 dollars.

As it turns out, in December 2020 and January 2021, I have been charged for the plan that should have been left without effect after I subscribed to the same plan but with the discount for the BLACK FRIDAY.

I have eliminated the recurring payment that was activated in PAYPAL and I see that they have taken away the PRO PLAN that I HAVE ALREADY PAID in the BLACK FRIDAY offer.

I must be returned the two months that have been deducted and the ANNUAL PLAN that I paid with the BLACK FRIDAY discount.

I hope that this is resolved as soon as possible, since I cannot be robbed of the two months that I have been overcharged and the ANNUAL PRO PLAN paid in full.

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