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Can Andromo please add a single Youtube video activity, not using channels or feeds?

Sometimes you just need to show a single video and I have not figured out that feed mess yet.


  • Hi straybullet,

    you could try using the Custom Page activity and then just pasting the YouTube html embed code (make sure you are in source code editing mode first)

  • Yes, but that is not as smooth as a real player doing it, thanks for the suggestion.
  • I thought when you start to play an embedded YouTube video, the actual video player app will take over anyway? From my experience there is no difference in playback performance (I have not tested on low spec Android devices though)
  • From what I have tried it uses the embedded youtube client, but it might be device dependent on how it operates. I prefer a way just to have an activity do it so its a constant on all devices.
  • Make a playlist with just the one video? 
  • Same problem here, i tried to embed YouTube video in custom page but it was not working on galaxy s3 phone .
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    Just a quick note on this, one way to load a single video into a YouTube activity would be to use a feed URL as follows:<<USER_NAME>>/uploads?q=<<VIDEO_ID>>;

    Where you replace <<USER_NAME>> with the user that uploaded the video, and <<VIDEO_ID>> with the Id of the video.

    You can grab the ID from the video URL:

    The video id is represented by the v parameter. So
    in this case the video ID is: qAShPzHEu1Q1

    You can probably use other queries, and feeds to grab a single video.


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