Huawei app gallery & Huawei ads

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As we feel more tensions and saturation's from main app stores (google play / iOS app store ) , its time to look other markets , such as Asian / Eastern markets .

Since even ADMOB allow ads to 3th party app store ( outside google play / iOS app store ) , we can now explore new possibilities and markets such as Huawei .

As developer I need information from support team what happened with adding " Huawei Monetisation ADS Kit / SDK " on our platform ?? When will be added ? And why not ?

Diversity is must if we want to expand our app empires, and yes I think we lost a lot without Huawei ads.

This Asian market is a booming and its good moment to step there as platform . I think because less information and bad representation on news , we loosing good place to generate more revenue .

Its not just to think about , its right time to go there.

Aslo , can we now upload our apps to Huawei app gallery at this moment ?

Its would be great if someone else intrested in this topic.


  • Subscribe to this ideea. I already send to support numerous requests about that but got ignored.

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