Seriously Andromo, whats up???

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Ok it's been almost 3 months since the new dashboard was announced, and still nothing.

You seem to have a sale that is never ending, every month its been extended (I remember one time you advertised final chance to save, what was that  back in October).

Your last great activity I can remember was the PDF intent (for those that don't know intents are an easy way to use installed apps to do things, in this case they require you to have adobe pdf reader installed to view PDFs, the issue with this is that you dont get to display your own ads over the PDF, the user has to install another app if they don't have the PDF reader, the PDF is extracted and now can be "shared" by someone with a file manager installed. A few was disappointed as we considered this a cheap way to do PDF viewer instead of a real one)

Now all I see is Adsense ads everywhere and the funny thing is I have seen 2 competitor ads on your site.

So no real news (or new features, except your new paid Air push service) and now the site seems cheapened by Adsense everywhere. 

Can we please get an update on the future of Andromo, it would make many of us feel a lot better I am sure.




  • I second that.
  • Third(ish)... I know how trying new programming can be, a lot of us do. That being said, take just enough time to get it right! Iron out all the bugs, Invite BETA TESTERS (like me, he.he.he.), make sure its worth paying for first.  This after all is a paid service here at Make us wait for a usable product, no one here really wants you to rush and release new unworking, unstable anything. We are just a little impatient, that's all. I myself almost peed my pants when i saw the new designs... its like your giving us what we've always wanted!  Thank you andromo for being my Circa1984 Atari 2600 all over again!
  • I'm with you. I may not even renew come this year.  I would rather invest my hundreds of dollars to let someone else, or even just learn it myself and create a better app then what Andromo can offer.
  • Hey Everyone,

    Thanks for the comments. I just wanted to make one thing clear about the new Dashboards, we did not announce them per se, nor did we provide a time frame for their release, instead what we did was provide a sneak peek into what we were working on. Which you can think of as an update on the future of Andromo. That is why we provided the sneak peeks when we do, to keep our users up to date on our future plans.

    It's also important to note that the addition of Push Notification support is a major new feature that has been added to Andromo. While it's not something everyone will use (very few additions are) but it is something that was impossible before the addition.

    As for an update on what we are working on, we are still putting the final touches on the new dashboards and updating a few other things in Andromo to address a few issues our users have been experiencing.


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    Thank you for your response, I am not sure why often the staff of Andromo is always quick to defend, what you are getting here is pure gold. You are hearing from your current customer before you lose them on what we see to be true according to what Andromo has done to date.

    We are basically giving Andromo valuable customer feedback, but often times it's meet with excuses (not saying from you, but in general).  Take it for what it is, constructive feedback, heck you don't even have to pay for a study group to be done to find out what your customers think.

    I am sure there are many others that feel the same, but are too shy/afraid to come forward. Would Andromo rather know if there is an issue sooner than later (and finding out by loosing customers is not the best way).

    I could care less about another paid service you created, that is completely unrelated to the included feature set of Andromo. A trial of your paid service is not a feature, it's an up-sell to an outside product.

    Just being honest, I am sure there are those who needed the push feature, personally I would have more ad network choices, a better dashboard customization, larger audio files allowed, quizz feature.

    In fact if you go to the thread what you would like to see in Andromo, rarely is any push feature asked for, but more of the ones I just listed, it's clear Andromo has an agenda, but unfortunately it's not what the majority asking for.

    Also what is up with all the Adsense ads, inside the paid members area at that. I see ads for Conduit's free mobile app creator, Seattle Labs Mobile App creator and some others. Are you telling us to go to them or something?

    So before we get another Andromo staff member taking a defensive position, just think of it as an opportunity to please your paying customers and keep our business.




    I completely agree with everything you have said.
  • A sneak peek is not useful if it never materializes.
  • Our apps look like cookie cutter apps compared to most on the app market. We need some more personalization option with the dashboard to more easily compete.
  • I agree with ya'll. I've even stopped making apps because the customization is not good and apps look ugly. Also because there is limited activities to add to apps they all are either the same or slimmed down versions, and because I don't want to put crap up on Google Play I've started to look elsewhere for app makers and I have joined another company.  I really want a quizz trivia feature.

    Andromo hasn't really changed since I joined up.
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    Heh, @zaineart since you joined in May we added:
    • Photo Gallery
    • Podcast audio
    • SHOUTcast radio
    • PDF support
    • set as ringtone
    • push notifications
    • many bug fixes and tweaks along the way
    Not meaning to sound defensive -- but saying Andromo hasn't changed in the past six months isn't really fair. We may not have added the type of activity you wanted most, but everything we've done is in response to feedback from our users. (The number of users asking for push notifications outweighed every other request we received.)

    Andromo isn't the perfect tool for every kind of app -- that isn't very realistic. Our goal is to make a simple tool that produces awesome results for people who can't afford to hire a programmer or don't have the time or desire to become one themselves. That goal places constraints on what we're able to offer, but there's still a lot that we can do.

    Although we're a small team and there are limits to how fast we can add new features, we're working our butts off. I think you'll like the new dashboard settings when they're released.

    P.S. - A quiz activity is something we've thought of from the beginning, and it's still on the list of things we'd like to add, but it's not something that can be built quickly. Even simple quizzes involve a lot of logic, and it will be tricky to build one that doesn't make the process really complicated.
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    Lorne, thank you for your reply it really helps to hear from you guys. I don't want you to think every post by me is a slam against Andromo, far from it I want you guys to succeed and Andromo grow. 

    I'm sure you can think of a great product that it seemed the developers appeared not to listen to it's users and went to the wayside. I don't want that happening to Andromo,  there is a disconnect you guys might not of perceived it to be as large as it is.

    Look at Shiva 3D from Stonetrip, they had a great product, but they don't have the man power to get out 2.0 fast enough, in fact they are over a year late with 2.0. Majority of their customer (including me) have moved to Unity 3D. Most of us are fairly "upset" at the developer for not listening or connecting (keeping us informed) and we took our money elsewhere. That lack of communication more than anything cost them our business. So frequent updates really help, the last official post of the dash board was in October.

    As you are well aware there is a lot of competition in the APP creation market now and I fully understand the differences of the products, but that doesn't mean your average user will. They will go for the APP creator that makes the pretty UI APPS. Customization in my opinion should be pushed really really hard, I read it's done , just waiting on the web side to get completed, thats great push the web designers really hard.

    Also it should be very obvious that cloning existing APPS should be your next "feature", yes I read it's not an easy task, does that mean you're not focusing on it next? You got to keep the natives happy.

    Also if these tasks are too much for your small group; have you every considered taking on another developer or 2? Yes I know it's a large expense, but in order to succeed you got to stay ahead of the pack.

  • The thing I don't understand about the push notifications is why you charge extra for them. Google provides the GCM service for free. Fine, charge non-Andromo subscribers for putting your stuff in their apps, but it seems like it would be a nice feature to include with Andromo subscriptions.
  • @tholyoak Good question, while GCM may be free the cost to run a high quality, scalable, redundant application server is not. I wrote a short piece on AirBop's role in the GCM process here: that might help explain things a bit more.
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