Bidding Facebook Audience Network



  • yes bro, i nedd monetise with bidding, admob still limit

  • They will never help you

    they cant upgrade the system mediation and bidding

    i cancel my subscription bad company

  • 70 i still have hope andromo always fix at end when must needed. some day before @RomanJuly they are trying to fix it .. hope for the best.

    if they feel it is complex they must use mopub or irosource as mediation partner they are really amazing and mopub is very easy if they try do in a week. @RomanJuly please take care of clients.

  • @Devappfreak I also agree with you if many of us contact them weekly via email and we explain to them how agent it is, they will work upon it.

  • DigitalInnovationsAfrica i am doing on regular basis and hope they will do that

  • @DigitalInnovationsAfrica


    Andromo not care about clients believe me they only want our money all the platforms like andromo update there system bidding and mediation

    only andromo not making any step in advance not that difficult if really care about us

  • 70 can you tell me any one name so will check .. yes i found developer of andromo nowadays much noob reason every day new bug coming.

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