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I have a radio station app with RSS feeds for weather updates and such.  However when the RSS feed is updated, rather frequently with bad weather.  I press refresh before clicking the RSS feed, then click on the feed but it isn't loading the latest version.  I have to clear cach and data withen android to get the updated feeds.  

Is there a way to force the app to delete the RSS cache and get a new one without going out of the app?

 My app is G1013 in Google play.  The feed is the School Closings activity.



  • Any info about this bug yet admin?

  • When you say it doesn't load the latest version, are you referring to the list of items (the RSS feed), or an individual item's content after you select the item from the list?

    If it's the item contents, you shouldn't need to delete the cache if the RSS feed is set up correctly.

    What is the URL for the feed? (If you prefer to keep it private you can start a support ticket for it.) Most issues with RSS end up being a problem with the feed, or a strange variety of RSS that we need to parse differently.


    During bad weather the feed shows a post with School Closings a Business Clossings.  So it gets updated very frequently during a 24 hours period.  and the app needs to show only the newest version.  or make no cache of the rss feed.  is there a way to disable cacheing of the feeds.
  • @linuxnut79 Interesting, so the RSS feed doesn't maintain historical data and is instead recreated as it needs to be. Right now there is no way for you to turn off the RSS cache in Andromo, in fact this is the first time I've heard of a need for something like this.

    However I have added it to our suggestion database for future consideration. In the mean time I would suggest using a website link to: or instead of the RSS feed in your app.

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    I am wanting to make a clean fast interface to get the weather alerts out but the feed is from a wordpress rss and it has advertising in it.  and i dont want to show ads in the app.  

    If a second post is placed in the rss feeds then it will show up.  But the orginal post will be outdated by several hours.  But if i clear the cache then it shows the new data.

    is there a way to have an option to disable the cache when adding it in the dasboard before its compiled.
  • @linuxnut79 It's something that we will look into for the future but right now there is no way to accomplish that in Andromo.

    Will the second post show up above the previous post in the RSS list?

  • yes a second post will show up ...
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