Facebook Ads - timeline for switching to Bidding

I have been receiving repeated emails from Facebook that the audience network ads should switch from waterfall to bidding.

They have given the deadline as May 31. Can this be done from our side, or need a Facebook ads SDK update from Andromo? If it can be done from our side, can you kindly tell us the steps of this switching process?


I am attaching the screenshot of their email below:




  • Previously they mentioned this switching only for the iOS apps. Now they have included android apps as well.

    The new deadlines are May 31, 2021 for all new android apps and Sep 30, 2021 for all existing android apps


  • @LetMEHearAgainApps ok, we will learn bout it. Thanks.

  • @meold when we expect to be ready?

  • @meold @RomanJuly

    Any update on this?

    Present Facebook ads in the android apps created through Andromo use the waterfall system. Without implementing the new bidding system, they will soon stop displaying. Kindly let us know about the update on this issue

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