I feel ripped off by Andromo

Today I paid for the Andromo Ultra subscription, with the main objective of creating a basic app for android, where to put Ads to monetize it.
In less than 1 hour with Andromo I discover that if you cancel the monthly subscription, it is not possible to monetize your app with ads.

That is, in order to create an app and be able to monetize it and see long-term results: you have to pay $ 50 a month to Andromo. You are dependent on Andromo to be able to monetize your own app with adds!

I only intend to use it for 1 month to create 1 app and monetize it ... and I have no intention of renewing subscription. So there is no use for the app to do.

I have requested a refund of my subscription payment and have been denied. I will not use Andromo and I am very dissatisfied with the service.

The technical service is only limited to responding with copy and paste messages.

This is outrageous.

I would like to make a consumer complaint or put a negative review. Does anyone know where I can evaluate the service or make a complaint?




  • SergioCasares

    It is stated in our Policies that ads stop working at apps with expired subscriptions.

    As for refund - you cannot receive it as you have built an app. You can cancel your subscription in your account settings in order not be billed next month.

  • I have not created any application .... I just followed the steps indicated in the tutorial and tried to press the buttons, these are an injustice. I am totally dissatisfied with Andromo from day one. And right now they are ignoring me from customer service. I feel very cheated the truth. If they finally do not give me a refund or at least a part of the refund ... I will investigate to make a social complaint and negatively evaluate this scam page. Andromo is like any other business, I know. But I feel that Andromo is the greediest of all and does not look after his clients.

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