A Message from Google Play about "broad storage access"

I've received messages from Google Play that said:

We've detected that your app contains the requestLegacyExternalStorage flag in the manifest file of 1 or more of your app bundles or APKs.

Developers with apps on devices running Android 11+ must use Scoped Storage to give users better access control over their device storage. To release your app on Android 11 or newer after May 5th, you must either:

  • Update your app to use more privacy friendly best practices, such as the Storage Access Framework or Media Store API
  • Update your app to declare the All files access (MANAGE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE) permission in the manifest file, and complete the All files access permission declaration in Play Console from May 5th
  • Remove the All files access permission from your app entirely

For apps targeting Android 11, the requestLegacyExternalStorage flag will be ignored. You must use the All files access permission to retain broad access.

Apps requesting access to the All files access permission without a permitted use will be removed from Google Play, and you won't be able to publish updates.

How can we comply with Google requirements in Andromo?


  • AmerAlmajayda can you please share your app or is your access any external source in your app.

  • @RomanJuly @meold

    i also got on all of my apps pleae help us to fix and do fast reason it take time to fix.

  • You can use builder v2 until August 2021 with the target SDK 29.

    This already fixed on the v3 builder with the target SDK 30.

  • meold we need builder v2 also with target SDK 30 why you guys are not doing work for your client.

    they said after 5 may app will removed why not fixed with v2 builder so we will update our app and will be safe from this.... please help us..

    Builder v3 also not support the ad network if someone not using the admob or facebook how he earn ?

    why andromo become that much selfish we are paying much money why not providing service to us.

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