Please Make .aab also for V2 app builder

Hi @RomanJuly and @meold please make version 2 app builder support .aab , not just V3.

Thank you



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    Thank you for your suggestion, however this is technically impossible. Use V3, build better apps.

  • @RomanJuly what we do with app build in v2? if we need to update we need to put .aab file?

  • @RomanJuly No ad network supported by v3 only admob and facebook how someone can earn if he dont want to use admob and facebook.

  • RomanJuly please help us to convert v2 to v3 simple apps. so it easy we have lots of app now andromo doing cheat with us.

  • developerhero

    Since the new V3 builder is much more functional than the previous one, there is no sense to migrate projects between them. If you want to upgrade an app from V2 to V3:

    1) Create same but BETTER app at V3

    2) Give it the package name of the app you want to ''migrate''

    3) Contact support with request to sign your V3 app with the V2 app key

    4) Update it at Google Play

    Regarding adding more ad networks:

    It has been already discussed many times: only 18 people expressed their opinion at this matter when we asked the community last summer. Thus, our tech team concentrated on more important things since that time, and you can see changes which happened during last year.

    We might return to consideration of adding other networks later - after other important things will be implemented (IOS support, etc).

  • RomanJuly  what happen if we will not migrate project with v3 and stick with v2 and in future project we will do in v3 .. its big task for us to convert and it take lots of time.

  • @RomanJuly  What you are asking us to migrate all applications to version 3 is crazy given the number of apps that most developers have, in addition to functions that are currently not available in v3, this problem needs to be solved

  • @RomanJuly So Andromo suggests creating the same but BETTER app at V3 than contact to support to sign my V3 app with V2 app key. I have more than 500 apps. I will work day and night till 5 May because after 5 May SDK 29 apps will be deleted. So andromo will sign all my apps?.. it must be a joke... I know many people in my situation now. How will andromo sign thousands of apps like that? Really is it impossible to upgrade SDK 30 for v2? it is the end of business for many andromo users.

  • @smartongroup as per me we have time till august 2021 reason we are on android 11 or target sdk 29 if we move to android 11 we need to fix that issue which is already fixed in issue so start working you have 3 month time. Firstly i was thinking the same later i understand read notification on play carefully you found you are safe and have 3 month time you have.

  • @dev.freakapp Ok thanks. Do u think Andromo will sign all apps one by one?

  • @smartongroup new option in andromo to sign with old key.

  • How do we re-create the application again? This requires a tremendous effort from us, and we must find another solution

  • No option at all worst decision.

  • @dev.freakapp The new option doesn't work! did you try it? it is not working

  • @dev.freakapp Yes New Option for Sign old Key Not Work, also nothing tutor how to upload .aab file

  • . smartongroup New sign key work but it is not stable like if you did check mark it must be fix not once you click else its gone.

    yes main problem is to upload .aab file.

    after giving proof support gone no response.

    @meold @RomanJuly

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