This is why Andromo must extend the support for V2 builder !



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    If we did not update our app within next month then is google will remove our all apps from play store? Because they sent us warning message already for update our all apps to use android 11 and sdk 30

  • I think that andromo does not want to give us a logical solution, he insists; and time flies, so we have no choice

    • Please update the buider 2.0 for the SDK 30 Version before suspension or removing from google play store

  • I sent a support ticket to Anromo and their reply is this: If you have more than 200 need 200 days to be able to finish it if you can do one app per day...for those who have 500 apps...? I think it's ridiculous...because if I have 200 apps now if I can do one app per day, and complete by August, I would have 400 apps...this is simply not productive.


    1) V2 apps use API version 29 and will NOT be removed from Play Market after May 5th until August.

    You can use builder v2 until August 2021 with the target SDK 29.

    2) This issue already fixed on the v3 builder with the target SDK 30.

    Just rebuild your existing v3 apps and re-upload them to Play Market.

    Since the new V3 builder is much more functional than the previous one, there is no sense to migrate projects between them. If you want to upgrade an app from V2 to V3:

    1) Create same but BETTER app at V3

    2) Give it the package name of the app you want to ''migrate''

    3) Put a tick in the box "Use andromo key to sign" in your app Settings

    4) Update it at Google Play


    Andromo Team

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    We have to create all our apps from scratch again?

  • Did I miss an announcement somewhere? I haven't been following the forum for a few weeks and it seems like something is going on with V3, but everyone seems confused about it, so I don't know what's going on?

  • Hello,

    Even building apps using the V3 I faced several problems.

    1) Almost every app that I rebuild from the old V2 in V3 I faced "BUILD FAILED"

    2) I tried to rebuild my v2 apps that have the Html Archive feature is not working in V3

    3) A few of my V2 apps rebuilt using V3 failed to install with the message package file corrupt. Andromo advise increasing the version to at least 2500 ( Ok this is solved)

    I sent several support tickets and some are still pending. I think with so much problem with V3 I may not be able to meet the deadline to comply with google new requirement as we have to rebuild all that you have in V2 to V3. They said by August, but as far as I know, Google says by 5th May. I hope Adromo will do something quick. Thank you

  • ahmadsofian

    Contact with all details (package name etc)

  • >Please send me an email if you are in the same situation :

    That e-mail address does not seem to exist.

  • Am a broadcaster and I only Use Adromo for Radio/audio streaming which is not supported in V3. I don't really use for Andromo for direct monetization but We create free andromo app for our clients and we have over 250 APPS created. Our clients have really injected a lot in both Google ADS and Face book advertisement and andromo V3 has no Shoutcast and we cant just leave. We might be forced to enter into legal services now

  • Support has indicated that they are working on the streaming and podcast objects. I depend on them as well, and hope they are done by Google's deadline in August. If not, I will have big problems.

  • True @TrevorH bad enough they are not indicating the date yet V3 is still hard and one needs to get familiar with it in order to come up with beautiful app which can also take a week to fully understand it well

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    i am agree ... @dannyro

    i am agree with you app size its really matter, i am saying always if user get same application in smaller size why they download bulky sized app?

    i have complain many time in forum and support also but they didn't give proper solution.

  • Hi everyone, thanks for your replies, I think there is some progress made by Andromo in improving the V3 builder, but we need the integration the new bidding system for facebook this is very important before september, hope that the Andromo team will achieve this in time.

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