V2 or V3 and the Need to Migrate

Hello everyone!

There's no need to panic. Migration to andromo version 3 (V3) IS NOT NECESSARY.

Here's the update from Google Play: https://android-developers.googleblog.com/2020/11/new-android-app-bundle-and-target-api.html

Summary of the update:

  1. NEW-APPS (Starting from AUGUST 2021, NEW APPS Must Target API level set to 30+) in other words build your new apps at andromo V3 (because V3 supports API level 30+)
  2. Existing-Apps (starting from NOVEMBER 2021 updates to existing apps must target API level set to 30+) in other words, if you want to update your app from NOV 2021, you'll have to use andromo V3 to do so (to comply with API 30+) and here's how to do so:

1) V2 apps use API version 29 and will NOT be removed from Play Market after May 5th and will NOT be removed in August as well. They'll remain unaffected an will continue to be downloaded from Google Play.

You can use builder v2 until August 2021 with the target SDK 29.

2) This issue already fixed on the v3 builder with the target SDK 30.

Just rebuild your existing v3 apps and re-upload them to Play Market.

Since the new V3 builder is much more functional than the previous one, there is no sense to migrate projects between them. If you want to upgrade an app from V2 to V3:

1) Create same but BETTER app at V3

2) Give it the package name of the app you want to ''migrate''

3) Put a tick in the box "Use andromo key to sign" in your app Settings

4) Update it at Google Play

With warm regards,



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