Error building app, see email

When i try to build an app from easy start V3 ...this message appears "your last build failed check email for more details" and i didn't receive any email!

Any one face the same proplem?

How can i solve it?



  • @ALiAbdalla we have the same problem also, some projects has been built without issue other with the build failed and no email sent, please @RomanJuly @meold can you look at the issue, thank you.

  • i have same problem , what shall i do

  • Hi,

    I too have same problem. I unable use Audio player, photo gallery, PDF and more features not working to me.

  • me too

    may be some updates in v3 ?

  • @Myappznew

    me too

    I've been facing this problem for two days.

  • It seems V3 plagued with this issues and no reply from the devs?

    This is just suck!


    Andromo experienced tech issues, so there might have been troubles with build and content uploading. Now it is fixed and should work fine. Please, check and let the support know if there are still any issues. Thank you.

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