AdMob Ads using andromo V3

Hello Andromo Team,

You've done a great job on creating the andromo v3 builder, well done! I love how i am now able to customize many features of my app and see the changes in the preview before even building and testing the app on a mobile device! Thank you!

My issue is ADMOB ADS! Apps built on v3 seems to show little to no ads. They seem to appear only in audioplayer activity. They don't appear on dashboards, custompages and the html archive activities.

I experimented and made banner ad appeared on dashboard by clicking the dashboard link from within the app's drawer. Tap and hold on back button and they'll appear on custompages and html too..please fix.

Andromo v2 seems to be more stable and fastest on showing banner and interstitial ads.

Kindly look into this and fix it.

With warm regards,


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