I Try Upload App Bundle In console But......

I upload a new application on the console with an app bundle but I always get a notification like this:

"You need to use a different version code for the APK or Android App Bundle because you already have the APK or Android App Bundle with version code 1202"

I have tried changing it many times and the results are still the same.

Can anyone help me?


  • You might have to delete the version you uploaded on the play store (that doesn't work) and upload again the new version. In the old play store, there was an option to delete the previously uploaded apk. I haven't tried uploading App bundle version yet.

  • thank you @marcone

    before I do your suggestion maybe I have to wait for you or someone else here to upload a new application using the app bundle method ..

    because of the latest rules from the Play Console that starting in August all new applications are required to target API 30 and use the android app bundle publication format.

    maybe you've got that notification on your developer page

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