Seems that V3 is unstable, any idea to overcome build failed?

I have try the following:

  • Login/logout. Sometimes it solved
  • Increasing app version name and code: I almost happy with this trick, cause yesterday this solved a lots of build failed

But today above trick is not working.

Nothing wrong with my app, as sometimes I just wait for several minutes, rebuild..and it work :(

Please guys, this issue holding our team back.




    Andromo experienced tech issues, so there might have been troubles with build and content uploading. Now it is fixed and should work fine. Please, check and let the support know if there are still any issues. Thank you.

  • okay checking now. Thank guys!

  • Sorry, @RomanJuly

    Still the same. What I have tried:

    • open a new incognito window
    • increasing the version

    Still the same as last weekend

    This is my appid if you wan to check it id.remoteworker.motivationalquotes101_redtone

    I hope this can be fixed soon.

  • we are building 9 app atm.

    7 app already done: with much trying and clueless on how it works or failed :(

    We are still trying to build another 2: again, with much waiting and finger cross on whether it will be successful/fail...

  • @remoteworker. building problem was solved late night of 7th. Though now the online audio files are not working if you are using one

  • Much unstable. i found problem problem everyday. sometime notification not close even app close so you need to force close sometime. sound didnt play on single click.

    if i list issue i need 10 hour to write.

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