Two Apps Removal Warnings from Google Play - (Deprecated Personalized Ad Consent SDK Adsconsent)

First of all I want to say that , I am really disappointed at Andromo and the Customer Support right now. I am an Andromo User since 2014 and never disappointed at Andromo like this before. Because I have already open two tickets for this and still you guys did not provide any solution for this.. You are only saying that "We are NOW working on your issues". I don't have patience anymore. I only got 15 days to fix this issue.(They requested to fix this before 03rd of July 2021) Otherwise Two of my main apps will be removed from the Google Play. This is the latest email I got from Google Play Support Team.

They are saying that :

"We have detected that your app(APK:1047, Production Track) includes the deprecated Personalized Ad Consent SDK Adsconsent, which is not approved for use in child-directed services. The SDK has been deprecated in favor of the User Messaging Platform SDK and must be updated"

How to fix this issue?? @RomanJuly @meold Please give me a clear answer.

Another thing is that I have created these two apps using V2 with Podcast activity. Now it is not available in V3. How we gonna update our apps like this. You don't at least provide the Online Audio Player with Playlist support. I already asked this too. Still saying that you are working on it.


  • @RomanJuly @meold Please don't ignore this thread and give me a clear answer for this. Please make the necessary and required updates before adding fancy features to the platform.

  • 4 months ago and you still trying to test how Facebook new bidding system it works

    bad company andromo will lose to much

    switching definitively to another platform ciao

  • AndroidKing I have contacted these guys fornow 2 months with 4 tickets everyday but they have been answering with the word "soon" till when I fed up. Andromo has never fixed any of my major problems, they are only good at solving petty problems. ANd their support is ver poor. I imagine all my 251 apps are waiting to be migrated to V3 but I am left speechless. I got fed up of their empty promisses

  • Which ad network you are using?

    is your app for kids?


  • AndroidKing

    I May help you .. Just help no marketing as app i understand pain. so let me know more detail.

    Thank You

  • @AndroidKing your app use taget age under 9 years right?

    so, maybe you can change the "Target Age" in the Target audience and content, uncheck age under 13

    maybe this happening to your app, because your app is designed for kids

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