Facebook ads dosnt work with andromo

Hello Guys

1 year ago when i use Facebook ads on Andromo they work

now it dosnt work any more and they ask me for meditation .

any help please


  • They will never help you bro

    Andromo need to update system bidding Facebook SDK bidding

  • 70 give them time i hope they are working on it. so we have time till aug then they stop in sept so wait and watch all will be fine soon.

    am i right @RomanJuly

  • For this they will have to redevelop the whole system. I don't think they are working on this problem

  • Guys, we have tried to set up mediation manually for 1 of our apps and there were errors in the process of integration. Facebook representative says - wait for 1 week. So, we will be able to evaluate this task after everything works well on a Facebook side.

  • Dr.Vikram i trust them bit slow now days but i hope they will do before deadline evertime all the task done before deadline.

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