What Andromo has done right

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Ok I guess I need to thank Andromo for a few things...

First for not disabling your apps if you discontinue their service unlike many others ie Settle Cloud for instance...

Second for making a true native app and not some HTML wrapper

Third for Unlimited APP creation 

Ps. This doesn't mean that I dont want more ad networks, a real PDF reader, better dashboard and cloning of existing APPs ;)
Pss. lower the wait time between builds this 10 minutes is a PITA

BTW Thanks again!


  • I agree. Thanks guys for all your efforts and a great way to get apps to the market.

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  • Hear, hear..... I fully agree with what has been said by straybullet above.

    Well done Andromo!
  • Best thing about Andromo; it allows me to show off my artwork. Art for custom buttons, art for whatever. I've tried some of the other "make an app" methods out there, and they really limit my creativity.

    I can upload my buttons, and boom!

    So, thanks, Andromo, for allowing me to use my art!
  • Thanks for the compliments everyone.
  • Good job!

    Now we need iOS capability so we don't defect to other services.
  • So I assume using the pre canned icons in the app does not violate a copyright yes?

    Are the icons public domain?  Are they licensed in perpetuity as part of the subscription fee?
  • I seriously doubt youtube, twitter, facebook etc care. In fact, you can find the same free graphics to use with permission directly on their respective websites.
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