Audio issue with HTML Archive

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I created an app using an "HTML Archive" made with BookOnPublish.  The WebApp plays the audio files without a problem (online), but when put into this app, the MP3 files won't play. 
I would like to automate this process as much as possible, and audio is a necessary part of what we need.



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    I am assuming that your book zip html archive has the mp3s in it with the htm files..

    Two things could be an issue here that I can think of... 

    HTML 5 and your phone(s)... You will find out Android sucks and is very fragmented, not everything works properly on every device.

    Or the path for the audio is hard coded and you need to edit them to be relative to your html archive. For example edit the html and remove any remote urls and make them represent a folder system where the files would be at. I hope this makes some sense.

  • Hi,

    Yes, the MP3s are in there and they are relative to the archive.  I am also having problems with the video (MP4).
    I have 2 devices... older Viewsonic GTablet 10" (a little slow), and Acer 7" tab.  Same problem on both.

    Here is the site as a WebApp.

    I am trying to replicate that as a local app.  I know that the text search and testing/quizzes won't work, as they use ASP scripts.  I can live without those (strip off some of the functionality).  But I need the audio and video for teaching.

    Any help is appreciated.  Thanks.
  • Hi Dave,

    You're not going to be able to play local audio or video files in the HTML Archive activity, only streamed content. When the files are included inside the app, the player doesn't have access to the media stream of those files. Specific code needs to be added internally in order to accomplish that, which we may look into in the future.


  • I'd also love to see this work properly. I've created a little game in html and JS and have compiled with Andromo into an app. I'm only now realizing that none of the sound works, which is a real drawback.
  • My friend was just about to start working on a HTML5 quiz game. So the sounds (FX - button sounds, correct/wrong answer,...) do not work in Archive Activity?
  • You need to use the sound activity to properly utilise the sounds, @decp_dave you could create audio files using sound activity and link to them from your HTML archive using the a href="andromo activity link"
  • @tamworthheat: Hm, this could also solve the audio issue in that HTML5 quiz game? However, I guess that the sounds could then be accessed through the Action Bar as well, which would be a little confusing for the user. Well, I'll take my friends code, modify it and see, what happens. :)
  • Host it online and instead of using html activity use the web browser activity.
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