V2 and V3 earning comparison

Hi everyone, I did split testing on some of my apps recently. My V2 apps are basic wallpaper apps with banner and interstitial admob ads. I converted a few to V3 and included a native admob ad in addition to banner and interstitial ads. Unfortunately, all 3 V3 apps earned less (each roughly 50% less) than the V2 apps even though there's an extra ad on them.

It's strange because the match rate and show rates are similar between V2 and V3, but V2 apps get a much higher CTR. I can't really think of any reason why that might be... Anyone else having a similar experience?


  • @Altland how do you convert app from v2 to v3

  • how do you convert app from v2 to v3

  • You convert them manually.

  • Altland

    Maybe, V3 apps need more time to get more downloads?

  • I released it to 50% of current users (and new installs) through Google Play's release dashboard, so both versions are getting roughly the same amount of installs.

  • I am having the same problem. V3 Apps has really low revenue compared to V2 Apps. V3 Apps are also getting nearly same downloads and impressions. but the revenue is really low. One of my friend also has Ultra account and he even uses Native Ads in his apps. but he also told that the revenue is really low compared to V2 Apps. @RomanJuly Please investigate this issue. There is a problem for sure!

  • Andromo, Please make the v2 system buildable using aab. In System v3 there are still many weaknesses and bugs, also the size is too large in v3. I still like v2, but can't upload it on playstore.

    For v3, please add starapp ads

  • Are V3 apps still performing poorly compared to V2 with same number of users?

  • @holyoak.com After conversion to V3, the exposure was reduced by 40%. Revenue has also been reduced by 40%.

    Andromo must resolve this issue.

    It is often not exposed to advertisement compared to V2 and advertising is not exposed.

  • This issue of lower ad revenue using the new builder is very disturbing. It sounds to me like Altland performed a valid test comparing the two builders and the results are not what I would have expected or hoped for. I think this issue needs to be put up near the top of the list of Andromo's priorities. Some of us have grown accustomed to a certain amount of monthly revenue from our apps and to lose that revenue or to have it reduce by 50% would be very difficult. After all, the reason that the vast majority of us have signed up with Andromo is to make money! How can we be expected to support a platform that reduces our revenue? Please investigate this issue as soon as possible. November is just around the corner.

  • down from $120/day to $50/day after converting to v3 , of course Andromo will ignore this problem 😡

  • deowall They won't ignore it. They will take it seriously and investigate why this is happening. Maybe there is a logical explanation for this. Or perhaps the testing performed by Altland was flawed in some way, some way that's not very obvious.

    I read through all the posts on the forum last night related to the V3 builder and while I had several concerns, slow response time from support in resolving user problems was a big one, this issue is by far the most significant issue I have come across with the new builder.

    As I said previously this is all about making money. That is why most of us are here and why we chose to sign up with Andromo and use their app building product as opposed to the many others products out there. So, if that means that we are all going to begin making less money than we did with the same apps than we did a year ago, then something is very wrong.

  • >They won't ignore it. They will take it seriously and investigate why this is happening.

    Really? Like they've investigated the support cases that many of us have had that haven't had any responses for over a month?

  • With nearly 2 months of data from more than a dozen apps, my conclusion remains. Apps updated from V2 to V3 have seen nearly a 50% decrease in earnings despite having the benefit of showing native ads. Still very confused why this would be...

  • edited December 2021

    @Altland Has this changed at all? My apps are still in v2 and I just had the best month I've had in a while. I'd hate to lose that by redoing them in v3 (but I know I will eventually have to because they can no longer be updated).

  • @gppacana44 you still think they won't ignore these problems?

  • Same problem v3. solution 😫?? v2 it was better

  • This is a very serious problem and I honestly believed that Andromo would investigate it. After all, we are all here for the same reason, to make money. My apps have are also using V2, I have not converted them yet and this issue doesn't make it any easier for me to convert to the new builder. I don't want to lose a single dollar of my monthly revenue. I would like to suggest that Andromo keep the V2 builder and make the necessary changes to the V2 builder so that it complies with Google's requirement for Android 11 API level 30. Surely this type of modification to the V2 builder is possible?

    Why can't developers have the option to use either the V2 Builder or the new Builder?

  • This is a serious problem, my revenue drop under 50% than the previous version. Please bring back v2 builder with higher API and aab build capability

  • Based on these reports, I guess I am going to keep all my apps at V2 for now. However at some point some of them will need to be updated, and that won't be possible unless something changes with Andromo. :(

  • getting worse!

  • Yeah, my earnings are falling off a cliff lately. Not sure if it's Andromo related or the economy, but it's not even worth updating or making new apps at this point.

  • My V2 apps are still doing fine, so I'm really scared of changing anything based on your reports. However, Google is really cracking down on apps that are not up to date, so my earnings are going to fall off eventually anyway:


  • FYI, in case anyone is still watching this thread, my Admob is down by 20% since finally replacing my V2 apps with V3.

  • And for June it's down by another 22% from May. :(

  • This is one of the most horrible experience I have had with Andromo. Ever since I upgraded my apps from V2 to V3, my revenue has dropped significantly with about 50%. I also noticed the following problem with V3:

    I set my interstitial ads to show up every 2 minutes. However, interstitial ads is showing up every 5 minutes. Which is very wrong.

    I have complained twice to the Andromo team about this problem, and they said my claim is not true. They went further to say "Ad frequency depends on the fill rate, which in turn depends on geolocation, cookies, the device itself and many other parameters that change from user to user". My question now is: Why does V2 show interstitial ads every 2 minutes and V3 does not? Does that not mean something is wrong with V3?

    This problem along with many other problems with V3 has reduced my revenue by 50%.

    Very sad!!!

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