V2 and V3 earning comparison

Hi everyone, I did split testing on some of my apps recently. My V2 apps are basic wallpaper apps with banner and interstitial admob ads. I converted a few to V3 and included a native admob ad in addition to banner and interstitial ads. Unfortunately, all 3 V3 apps earned less (each roughly 50% less) than the V2 apps even though there's an extra ad on them.

It's strange because the match rate and show rates are similar between V2 and V3, but V2 apps get a much higher CTR. I can't really think of any reason why that might be... Anyone else having a similar experience?


  • @Altland how do you convert app from v2 to v3

  • how do you convert app from v2 to v3

  • You convert them manually.

  • Altland

    Maybe, V3 apps need more time to get more downloads?

  • I released it to 50% of current users (and new installs) through Google Play's release dashboard, so both versions are getting roughly the same amount of installs.

  • I am having the same problem. V3 Apps has really low revenue compared to V2 Apps. V3 Apps are also getting nearly same downloads and impressions. but the revenue is really low. One of my friend also has Ultra account and he even uses Native Ads in his apps. but he also told that the revenue is really low compared to V2 Apps. @RomanJuly Please investigate this issue. There is a problem for sure!

  • Andromo, Please make the v2 system buildable using aab. In System v3 there are still many weaknesses and bugs, also the size is too large in v3. I still like v2, but can't upload it on playstore.

    For v3, please add starapp ads

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