When will Radio component be usable?

I know the component is available, but it doesn't work like the old one in V2. I haven't been able to get any of the same streams to work with it. I've already opened a support case but haven't heard anything back in over a week (and that was just asking for package name, which is irrelevant).


  • No word here, no word from support. :(

  • I have the same problem. No pls stream seems to work. We are forced to recreate our existing apps on v3 builder and components should work.

  • Any news about the radio component availability?

  • tolko21 Are you talking about online radio? I guess that was created and it is working well. I Have developed and updated various online audio player with different formats and all are working well without any issue

  • DigitalInnovationsAfrica

    Unfortunately I"ve been trying for several days to make my app's stream works but it doesn't. I have created a support ticket but andromo support keeps telling me that their development team will solve the problem. They haven't

    Also v3 podcast component lacks the ability to download offline. This is a feature that was available on version 2

  • tolko21 But online streaming was solved and it is working fine, all my apps are also using online streams with different formats but they are all working fine. are you using audio player online or radio player?

  • Radio player isn't working for all the formats that V2 has. I have submitted a support request but haven't heard back in over a month.

    And I didn't realize the V3 Podcast player won't download and play offline. That is a huge problem if that's true.

  • holyoak.com Did you use radio player or online audio player? because radio player is working.

  • I've been solving why the Radio Player doesn't show the song title when listening to an ordinary shoutcast server online for several weeks now! MP3, MU, PLS all play, but it doesn't show the song title, but in version 2.0 this worked. Unfortunately, the basic problem, people do not want to install the application without the song title. Problem again. Unresolved to date. Version 2 worked, song title without problem. Radio Player version 3 does not display anything. Only plays. Not usable.

  • I agree with RadioLifeTRANCEFM. Showing the song title is a very simple setting in audio player and a MUST. I havent seen a radio app that doesnt support this feature in years!

    Thats a one line entry in exoplayer.

    Please fix this asap. Thanks

  • @DigitalArtStudio I realize Radio Player is working with some formats, but it isn't working for all the formats that work with V2.

    Examples that don't work:



  • I will end the payment for the PRO account with immediate effect until this feature of displaying the song name works. This is the answer from Andromo support.

    Hello!We will add this feature in the next updates of V3 builder - so that the user can add a name to the direct link.While parsing of the meta data isn't in update plans.


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