Andromo is ripping us off !!

Andromo was the best platform to make apps without coding , but lately they started to make strategies to rip us off .      

  1. First of all they started with commission impression ! this is so crazy because when i compared as an example the commission for Thailand and the ecpm of Thailand i realized the cut almost 50% .
  4. They monitor our applications from the Back-end , so they have have full access to our audience and they collect valuable data from it .
  5. the bidding is not working at all !


  • I don't have a problem with impression commission but bidding. These guys are playing on our minds. When you cant them they tell you SDK for admob biding is fine but lately I realized after being approved on MOPUB and setting everything fine but after contacting mopub they clearly stated how the SDK was not integrated and it was clearly showing on the mopub dashboard

  • DevDev

    As it has been said many times - we collect stats from our devs and set average prices for interstitial ads by geo. If you want to inflence prices - share your statistics with us and we will include it into calculations.

    Bidding should work fine already. More info will be published about it today.

  • @RomanJuly Can you please give a tutorial to how to monetize with Mo Pub? After the my app update still MoPub dashboard showing Integrate the MoPub SDK. Please help

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