Applovin Not working + Banner

 1) My applovin interstitial ad does not work at all. My app works only stratapp ads (banner + interstitial) but not applovin although I ckecked the applovin option when I created the app. I sent a support ticket but I still have no reply.

2) Applovin banner. I don’t know if you noticed but applovin is maybe the most profitable network. I noticed for my apps ecpm $5.03 for the last 6 months which is enormous. I know that google Admob is the big player but it terminates accounts so easily and we cannot rely on google.

Have you consider to implement applovin banner ads to both versions V2 and V3 of andromo?

Don’t forget we make apps to make money, that’s the main reason.

So if it’s not extremely difficult to implement applovin banners to andromo, I strongly recommend to go for it.

Thanks for listening.

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