Bidding issues

Dear Developers!

We have received a lot of questions about the correct work of bidding. We had to double-check everything and we can assert that everything is configured correctly on our side. But we have tickets from you that tell us that there is some problem. We are ready to consider all your problem apps on an individual basis. Write your question to the support with all the details of the case: app package name, what issue did you face etc. If you have already written before, please do not duplicate the appeal. Our employee will start answering all bidding tickets today. Send only new cases, if you have them.

Your Andromo


  • I'd love to test it and confirm it works with a production release, but I can't until you fix the "hide" issue with link components. How has this issue not been fixed yet?

  • edited October 2021

    Hi, It's simple to check if andromo apps work with bidding.

    You just need to open a play developer account and upload one app with FB bidding! And you will see that there is no bid request.

  • please give us a bidding tutorial in v3 asap

    The problem I'm facing right now

    admob has a limit

    FAN ads don't appear even though it's checked

    Startio doesn't exist

    mopub not working

    please help the andromo team that I respect

  • Better go add more network and applovin it's help for community earning more

  • test ads bidding admob and fan works fine but real ads appear waiting for bid request when i upload to google play

    what the hell is this waiting 3 months for andromo and still no ads appear

  • Our support has interacted with many devs and in all cases it turned to be that everything was OK on Andromo side and dev had to contact ad network support. After that many devs solved their problems with bidding. So, please, read the 1 st messge of this thread once again and make correct moves.


  • @RomanJuly if you are not adding any other networks then fix the bidding issue for facebook and admob bidding. mine was fixed before but again the same issue reappeared from 21st October

  • DigitalInnovationsAfrica

    You have to contact support with all details.

  • DigitalInnovationsAfrica

    Fixed long time ago, I believe =)

  • Hello,

    There was a payment that was made without my permission, I stopped using andromo almost a year ago, I want a full refund and my account closed.

    I have contacted the support team they said that they will send my request to the financial team. But I have not received any answer from anyone.


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