my payment done 2 time nobody responding to fix issue

Hello Support,

my recurring payment decline so i did payment from cc again but next day recurring payment deduct also now i open 3 ticket andromo closing ticket. @RomanJuly.

i want refund for 1 payment which new payment i did and process with old payment is anybuddy help


  • @meold @RomanJuly i went to live chat too when i told them my problem they said they will response in few minute around 20 min support guy went online to away why they dont want to refund for the mistake

  • why andromo become that worst no support at all i am opening ticket last 3 days nobody here to answer me.

  • Let me tell you full story .. i did reccurring payment of $345.6 last year. on 26 nov it was declined. instant i did payment from cc of $367.2 but on next day $345.6 also deducted . so now i want you to refund $367.2 and keep only $345.6 reccuring on and close 367.2 reccurring.

  • androidlover

    You have been fefunded

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