Song title doesn't work in radio player.

Hi, the song title still doesn't work in the radio player. I use 2 servers. the first is ACC + and the second is a classic mp3 shoutcast server. Both of my streams broadcast the song title, but the Andromo online audio player V3 does not display the title. I usually use .pls .m3u .mp3 links but neither Andromo player can display the song title. Why isn't it fixed? Listeners then write unnecessary reviews on Gplay and emails and ask where the song title is? It's a big, big pity, because otherwise the player is playing, but he's kind of blind. When will it be repaired? Version 2.0 builder had this option, version 3 builder did not. Why? I don't understand that step! Thanks



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  • There are a lot of radio features in v2 that aren't in v3 or don't work in v3, but they don't seem to care.

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    trevorh: Yes, you are absolutely right! This is the same as having a video player and I wouldn't see the file name I'm looking at. Just a movie and I wouldn't see the title. I wrote to support and they wrote that they would fix it in some other version. what next version ????? V4, V5? What's wrong again in V4? for example, the PLAY button will not work? Unfortunately, yes, the cheap price corresponds to the quality. Thrown money out the window. I had to pay another company $ 35 and there already the player works it even loads image albums from the internet database. The whole andromo is just a toy. No one tests anything, they release version 3 mainly to have a "modern" UI, but the quality is gone. Just advertising. I'm going to look for a video player that doesn't show the movie title 🤣 🤣 🤣

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