Interstitial Ads Are Not Showing .Does anyone have the same problem?-V3 Builder

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I recreated my V2 app in v3 builder. After the build There are no Interstitial ads are showing. Banner ads are working fine. I have sent email to Andromo support Team.But still no reply. Anyone have the same issue? I use Admob ad network.


  • @deskapp Yes, they did not respond yet to my email.

  • @RomanJuly Please Consider Our Problems !!!

  • So from everything I've seen here over the last few months, it sounds like if I redo my apps in V3 (which I've been working on, but am impeded by lack of functionality), I'll actually get less money than if I just let them rot as old V2 apps??

  • AndroidKing

    We have asked you some details at the support. Please, respond so that we can proceed, if you still have this issue.


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