Finally Happy News For All Andromo Users Which are using Ad network !!!😃

I got the response from team today. They Said,


We wanted to share with you that we have published our Flutter Plugin and Documentation.

  • The current plugin supports our Android SDK - (callbacks support will be added shortly).
  • Flutter iOS is coming next 

Now you can simply integrate your Flutter Apps with this plugin to monetize with our SDK.

Note that if you are working with a mediation platform such as AdMob, you would need to use your Flutter Plugin and our SDK AdMob adapter for monetization purposes.

The integration instructions are available in our knowledge base

Also, can also be accessed via the portal's resource center:

Email Screenshot-

@RomanJuly Please Consider This !!! 😊


  • AndroidKing

    We are communicating with for integration

  • Hello Andromo,

    You have made updates recently and it blocks us when publishing our applications created via your platform.

    Some of your SDKs are not compliant with user data rules: SDK com.startapp:inapp-sdk and .

    Google Play Console asks us to upgrade to version 14.0.0 and/or contact our SDK providers (You Andromo) to find out if an appropriate later version is available. "Google cannot endorse or endorse third-party software."

    ACTION REQUIRED: Upload a new compliant version AND disable the non-compliant version.

    How do you expect us to do this if you don't reliably update your SDKs???

    If no answer, I will change andromo me and my other friends!!!!!!!!

    Thank you .

  • Please Update SDK Thank you

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