Why do you guys have to make things so difficult to us?

I created most of my apps several years ago. 

I spent a lot of time making my apps and updated them regularly, and now the api level on v2 is outdated so we have to update all of our old apps or Google will remove them.

But for some reason we don't have the latest API on the v2.

So, we have to remake hundreds old apps from scratch?

I spent thousands of hours making all of this apps and now I have to make them again?

I've seen many people complaining about this here at the forums and nobody ever got aproper answer. You only say "Use V3 builder".

Why is andromo like this? Seriously, I never seen a company like andromo in my life.



  • And the catch with recreating them with V3 is that V3 is still buggy and apparently Admob isn't even working properly with it, so you'll lose your income anyway, based on reports here. :(

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