Issue with Onesignal Notification


I have recently upgraded my app (100 Diabetes Superfoods) from v2 to v3.

The One Signal was reconfigured as per your documentation and the new installs of the app are detected inside One signal dashboard.

I tried sending the notifications with a custom page within the app as the target, just like I used to send in the v2 version.

The notifications are delivered within the installed devices. However, the app or its page is not opening on clicking the notifications. The clicks are also not recorded in One Signal.

App Package name: com.newandromo.dev17810.app1271956

Screenshot of newly installed devices detected in One Signal:

Target URL that I used in the notifications: andromoV3://custompage_1631119794_6738cebe7f

However, this page is not opened on clicking the notification.


Can you please have a look and help me fix this issue?

I have already contacted support two days back, but there is no proper response.

I have also contacted the OneSignal support and they suggested creating a log file, by plugging the app into the android studio, for detailed inspection. However, since it's created with andromo, I cant generate it.

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