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Does anyone have any standards set up for photos? I'm using JPGs straight from the camera @72 pix/inch 8-bit RGB. Seems to work. Does anyone have a different standard? Is this adequate for Android and iOS?


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    Pics are usually described by their resolution versus pixels per inch.  320x480 would probably be a good minimum size for modern android phones.  My phone's native resolution is much larger but it automatically adjusts as needed.  I use several tools but for resizing, cropping etc., has a free program that can usually get the job done.

    If you are talking about photo quality, I never thought it mattered too much unless you can see obvious visual artifacts.  What you see is what you get.  If it looks good to me, it meets my standards.  :)  The overall size of the app or .apk is the only other thing I would be concerned about.  Too many high res photos make for an app that might get uninstalled just because it takes up too much space.  I have a HD wallpapers app weighing in at 25mb, BUT that particular app is specifically for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 phones which have a ridiculous amount of on-board and external storage... which makes it a non-issue.
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