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I have adapted an existing project to make a new one and built it with a new name. I did this as we are still unable to duplicate/ copy projects or activities accross and I wanted a similar version of my app.
When uploading to google play it is telling me I have duplicate package names so it will not allow an upload.
I have seen from a previous post that it is not possible to change package names within andromo but is there a workaround out there somewhere?


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    Nope, no workaround. It's an Android limitation, not an Andromo one. Google won't let you replace an existing app unless the package name and signing certificates are the same as the original.

    If your app has a different package name, you need to upload it as a separate app.
  • Hi lorne,
    Thanks for the swift response. I think i must not have explained clearly.
    I have edited and deleted some activities within an existing Andromo project, renamed it, and downloaded it.
    I have then tried to upload to google play as a completely new App with a new listing.
    It has the same package name as my existing App that is up there on G.P so it is saying I cant upoload 2 seperate apps with the same package name.
    I therefore need to get into the manifest file (i think) change the package name and then it should allow me to upload this APK as a new App.
    1: Is there a way to do this?
    2: Will it screw up my App?

  • This is why the "Copy Project" or "Duplicate Project" feature is the most requested feature. Right now, if you want to create a slight variation of an existing app you will have to recreate everything from scratch.
  • Ah, sorry I thought you had built an app from a new project and were trying to replace an existing app on Google Play.

    There are currently two ways to generate a new package name in Andromo:
    • Create a new project - a unique package name is generated when you start a new project
    • Provide a custom package name on the App Info tab (*only available with a Professional subscription)

    It is not possible to edit the manifest of an app once it is built.

    We do plan to add features in the future to make it easier to build multiple similar projects.

  • pls, this is a new apk, do i need to change the default package name or use the default.
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    @mattbean here is how to submit your edited app as a new app with no problems:

    - Simply change the project package name under the settings tab. If the existing app uses the com. package, then select the alternate. package for the new app. Make sure the two apps look different though otherwise Google Play might charge you of spam policy violation (duplicate apps not allowed). You can make them Ad and Ad-free versions for instance.

    - If you're a pro user, then change the package name to your liking and submit it as a new app.

    @ghazaly i am an adnromo user like you and the duplicate feature will definitely helps tremendously but perhaps it will do more harm than good (just my own thinking though). Many users will spam Google Play by duplicating apps and submitting them overnight. Play store seems to be already crowded. It is not easy to get downloads as before and even earnings are decreasing due to the fierce competition among other reasons (but if you build good apps that will cover a certain niche, i can say the market is still untapped). So duplicate feature SHOULD NOT BE PROVIDED and we should be wise enough to understand why. If you really need to duplicate your app with no hassles, then simply signup for the professional plan and change the package name or take your time to create an entirely similar project from the scratch.

    Good luck to us all.

  • Simply go to ur existing project and rename the package file and then get a new apk and your new apk will be accepted into google play as a new app.
  • How do I make a Java package name? I want to go for a pro plan. Do I just copy the sample of the default name and just change it to the name that I wanted? example: default name is : my proposed package name:

    Is this how to do it? Thanks for your help.

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    @user_#20427 yes, you can set a custom package name for your app on 'Professional Features' tab of 'Settings' block.

  • how do you change the package name? even though I have upgraded the pro monthly for 20 dollars

  • Dear teachers
    how to change the name package in Andromo?

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