app can't show admob ads

I have made several applications and they seem to be running normally, but a week ago the earnings on my admob were all empty.

when I checked and installed my app it turned out that the admob ad I installed on Andromo didn't appear,

I think that's what makes no income either


  • Were ads previously appearing in your apps and admob showing income previously?

    U need to add admob codes and then on specific pages u also need to choose whether u want to show banner ads or interstetial ads or both.

    Only adding the admob codes will now show ads automatically...

  • at the beginning of my application there were ads and there was income, but no more today

    then where do I add the admob ad code?

    do i have to re-build my app on andromo then upload it to godev?

    may i get your email for more details?

  • I have added the admob ad code in the monetization menu and have checked banner and interstitial ads in the menu on the right side of Andromo, but when I publish on the google console and I download the application the ads don't appear.

    so it affects my admob income which is still empty.

  • Rebuild and then check...

  • Am facing that problem right now so frustrating 🙃

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