html archive suggestions via mobile site or large ?

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any suggestions on weather i should just make it a large website or mobile. also, how to implement mobile view. meaning... does andromo detect that its a mobile device accessing the site meaning the layout changes?


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    If you're going to switch to a mobile-friendlier version of the website, the mobile detection needs to happen on the server side (in the website). I think there are a few different ways that can be done...e.g. by checking the user-agent to see if it's a desktop browser or a mobile one.

    Generally a mobile-specific website will work better than a large website that is made to reflow and look good on both desktop and mobile.

    Unfortunately my HTML skills are all ancient so I can't give you any better advice than that :) but I will say that tumblr blogs have a really nice mobile interface, so that might be a good example to learn from.

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