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Hello everyone... I purchased Andromo to publish some ebooks that I write.  The software is great and easy to use (so far).  But has anyone on this board used it to create books as opposed to apps.  Please keep in mind that I don't think I know the difference between an app and an android book app, but I search the discussions and didn't see anything.

Any hints are appreciated.



  • My wife wrote a few children's books and we considered using andromo as a means to get them out there.  Just off the top of my head, I thought an easy solution might be to use the Gallery activity as a way to turn the page.  Basically, it would consist of a 320x480 image with page 1, image and text.  Slide to goto page 2 etc.  Page 2 could then simply be a full screen pic of a scary monster or anything related to your story.  Page 3 is back to text etc. 

    I know there are ways to do this with HTML but if you are better at graphics than learning basic HTML, it might work.  Just a suggestion and I'd be curious to see what you had planned. 


  • I am doing a book app with one Andromo page (scrolling) for each chapter. You don't need a page turner. Antiquated. But keep the paragraphs and pages as short as possible (due to small screen). The dashboard is your TOC; very handy for readers.

    You can add simple color treatment to dress up the page (colored bars, etc) a bit. And photos are great too.
  • sinc & turbomike, thank you both for the replies.

    I did manage to do an html page of it for the first run; the image is horrible but I will have to work on it.  Still, I set it free out on Google Play.  But, it is listed as an app and not a book, and that is what I think I wasn't clear about in my question--you can find it on apps but not listed on books (even though I chose the "Books and Reference" on the Play categories). 

    I need to tweak it because the images definitely don't look--here it is
  • One way to do books is as a PDF. Acrobat is a multimedia platform. Then use the PDF activitiy. It works well. But the Andromo app you make requires a PDF reader be installed on the recipients device. Different PDF apps (includiing Adobe's) work differently. But many have page-turning capability.
  • Convert your book into pdf format then use the pdf activity. Thats the easist way to do it.
  • definitely pdf and load it into the app as above. now other pdf readers are supported watch that they can't save themselves a copy.
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