Your app has a non-compliant SDK version


I got this message on all my apps and I don't know what to do:

" Your com.seducegirl.pachap22 app (version code 1012) includes the com.startapp:inapp-sdk SDK or an SDK that one of your libraries depends on, which may facilitate the transmission or collection of installed packages without complying with privacy policy and/or release visibility guidelines.

Be transparent about how you handle user data (e.g., information collected from or about users, including information from devices). In other words, you should tell them what data your app accesses, as well as what data it collects, uses, and shares, and limit the use of that data to the purposes stated. If your app processes sensitive user data, you must comply with the User Data Rules.

As of midnight UTC on January 28, 2023, any new app version that includes the SDK version(s) that does not comply with the User Data Policy will be blocked. You may upgrade to a compliant version of that SDK that does not include the problematic code (if the SDK vendor allows it), remove that SDK, or upgrade to another SDK.

Based on the information provided by your SDK vendor, you can upgrade to version 4.10.1. For more information, please contact the SDK provider.

ACTION REQUIRED: Import a compliant version AND disable the non-compliant one " ....

I don't know how to modify this SDK so that it is updated in order to have version 4.10.1

Please Andromo team, do you have an answer to this block?




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