i had three goole play console that were terminated is it because i used the same andromo acount.

my three google play consoles were terminated one after one, is this because I used the same andromo account to create apps or what?


  • No, it is because you might have used the same device or same IP address (Internet) to create those accounts.

    If you want to create new google play accounts, you need a new laptop, new internet and new gmail id.

    Google is very strict and can catch u easily if u don't do the things mentioned above.

  • hiktor1 My account was also terminated in Jan 2022 but I managed to comeback after changing everything

  • @DigitalAfroStudios how do it? How long after terminate your account comeback?

    1. New laptop
    2. New Internet connection
    3. New address for the admob code. If u have all these things, u can easily create new account.
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