App is blank when opening in Android device emulated


Before publish my app on play store, I need to see the result on an emulated device.

When I install or run the app, there is no error, but the app screen is blank.

Anyone have an idea to solve this problem?


  • For information, on a physical device, my app runs well.

  • I got the same problem on Bluestack 5 and my user reported me about this issue.

  • I see on a video that Andromo seems using Qemu. But I don’t know this tool. It seems complex to install.

  • Try LDPlayer

  • Hi, LDPlayer is seen as a malware by BitDefender. I will try Bluestacks 5 instead.

  • Blank screen with Bluestacks 5 too.

    I wait for a feedback from support for using or configure android studio properly.

  • The problem seems related to this

    split_config.xxhdpi.apk!/lib/x86, /system/lib]]] couldn't find ""

    I hope that Andromo team will find a solution to this issue.

  • To get rid off this issue.

    we need to make some complex configuration to android studio.

    on Google play console there’s an error on pre-launch level.

    note that it doesn’t block the validation and publication process.

  • During an open test of the application, 3 installation problems were encountered. The problem was detected on one device during the test. Tracing the function call sequence

    I am a new programmer

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